About DWP!

A little about Patti

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a list of video links for various events I've done. :)

When I was divorced and living in Florida in 2002, I stepped out of my comfort zone (I had never danced before) and went to a Country Dance Club.  When I saw Line Dancing I thought I HAVE TO DO THAT!!  So, I went to my first lesson and it was horrible.  I couldn't do it at ALL!!  (I learned later that the dance the instructor was trying to teach me was no where close to a beginner dance.)  But, I still felt like I HAD to learn so I started going to a Senior Center in my town where 80 and 90 yr olds were kickin' my butt on the floor!!  But, I felt myself learning some of the basic steps and pretty soon I was dancing in the Clubs in the Central Florida area and having a blast!!  It was all I wanted to do...it changed my life!

In 2006, I moved north after finding an awesome man....Stan!!  I started teaching line dance at The Brickette Lounge in West Chester PA.  When Stan and I moved to Woodstown in 2009,  I started a class at Sidelines (which closed), moved to Friendly Tavern (which closed).  We danced at Tailgates Sports Bar in Newark until we simply outgrew the space and moved to Cranston Fire Hall in Wilmington. Then on to classes at Bank Shots and Halftime in Newark.  Before moving back to Florida, we were at Timothy's of Newark with an average of 50-60 dancers in attendance each week!   Bottom line, I am a bar dancer! I love teaching in a bar where the lights are low and the music is loud and everyone is looking to have a kickin' good time!

I do various private and/or corporate events, conduct workshops and do other one-time dance events.  In NJ, I did the Atlantic City Boardwalk Rodeo for 2 years.  I've done dance gigs for Astra Zeneca and I work regularly with Cat Country Radio 107.3.  I have done wedding receptions, bachelorette parties and "girls night out" workshops.

In 2017 my beloved Stan passed away and a year later I moved back to Florida...Cocoa Beach specifically. I began a class in Merritt Island at The Spare Time Bar inside the Shore Lanes.  It was fabulous, drawing between 40-50 dancers each Tuesday!  Until Covid....grrrr.

At this point (Nov 2021) I am not currently doing a weekly class.  I've been doing workshops, private parties and community events.  I am still unsure what the future holds in terms of a weekly gig.  So, stay tuned on that.

Over the years I started making YouTube Instructional videos of all the dances that I teach to help my dancers learn and/or practice.  On my website I have around 400 Instructional Videos and my YouTube Channel has exploded!! I currently have over 7000 YouTube subscribers across the country and even internationally.  Recently, I was the Guest Instructor at the fantastic Saddle Up Saloon in the Chicago area (Aurora, Ill) and I was billed as "America's Line Dance Instructor" because of my YouTube lessons!!  That made me feel pretty happy. 

My main goal is to HAVE FUN and get some GREAT EXERCISE!!  I try to do my best to help people get the dances and keep all levels of dancers engaged (which can be a bit of a challenge if ya have beginner dancers and very experienced dancers at the same time.)  I'll try to make sure you get your money's worth at any dance event I do!!

I hope to meet YOU on the floor soon!!


Here are some sample videos of some of the things I've done...

Let's Dance Northfield in Northfield NJ

Down At The Station at The Cadillac Ranch, Southing, CT

Beginner Workshop at Bank Shots, Newark, De

Workshop at Cowboy Up Saloon in Dover, De
I was the organizer/MC of this event.

Rod and Jenny's Wedding in Newark, De

Blood, Sweat and Beer at The Barn in Sanford, Fl

Atlantic City Boardwalk Rodeo 2012, Atlantic City, NJ

My Baby in Camo at The Barn in Sanford, Fl

Dancing With Patti Float in the Woodstown, NJ 4th of July Parade

For the  first AC Boardwalk Rodeo, I choreographed this dance - The Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp -  and we set the record for dancers on the AC Boardwalk!! As you can hear in the video, the Mayor of AC declared April 1 "Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp Day"!

Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp Day, Atlantic City Boardwalk Rodeo 

Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp -  Contra down the AC Boardwalk

Rodeo Promotional Event at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ
This was a challenge as we just had to get people walking through the Trop engaged in the dance!!