Attend a Line Dance Class!
There is no better way than LIVE LESSONS!!  For details on how I run my classes, scroll to the bottom of this page!

Learn or Practice at Home!!!

Instructional Videos and Step Sheets!

Just click on the link for Instructional Videos to your left!!  And get started right now!!  This is only the beginning as it is my hope to have ALL our favorite and new dance instructions on video to help you!!!

Personalized DVDs
I will make you a DVD of the dances you want to learn!!  
5 dances on a DVD -  $10
10 dances on a DVD - $20

Private Lessons!!
I do offer private lessons.  They are $35 an hour (for up to 3 people) if I can do them in my home.  I charge a little more if I have to travel...depending on the distance.  Here is what a couple of my private lesson students had to say about her experience!  :)

I also offer semi-private lessons.  Details are on the home page of this website.

I just finished Dancing With Patti, and I am positively thrilled. I have never been a dancer, and just trying to “pick-it-up” at the clubs was not working for me. The lessons have completely changed me! I have a clear idea of what I was doing wrong, and Patti’s patient instruction breaks each new dance down to the “newbie” level. Now, I have the confidence to dance, and try new steps. Thanks Patti!!

I just had my first private line dance lesson today and it was great!  I'd highly recommend getting a private lesson to anyone who's struggling and especially for beginners like me.  She was very patient and made sure to answer everything I had questions about.  I am very excited to see how I do at the group classes now, and I feel much more confident now that I have a better understanding of the basic steps.  For anyone having trouble or who is just starting out, getting some one on one guidance can really give you a boost, and Patti is an excellent teacher! 

Private and Corporate Parties and Weddings!!

How much fun to get a group of your friends or co-workers together for a Line Dance Party!! This can be a fantastic Team Building activity as well!!  Or consider having Line Dance Lessons at your wedding reception!!

 Prices vary depending on what level of instruction is desired....let's talk about it!!

How I run my Classes~~

Here's what to expect if you come to a Dancing With Patti class!!

We have approximately a 2 1/2-3 hour block of time that is focused on line dancing .  I  don't teach couples lessons. Sorry.

I plan to designate the first 30 minutes of class for our Beginner Lessons.  If there are brand new people I will go over a couple of basics for learning to line dance and then we will learn 2-3 beginner dances.  It is my plan to call those dances again during the night, to different songs, so that the new people can get on the floor as much as possible.  Throughout the "open dance" portion of the night, I will be playing other beginner dances and new dancers are welcome to come "learn on the floor".  That just means you find someone who looks like they know what they are doing, get next to them and try to do what they do!!   

Later in the evening, around 7:30, I plan to teach either an intermediate or an improver lesson. New dancers are welcome to do the lesson and attempt the dance but I do teach to the experience level of the intermediate/improver dancers for this lesson.  Remember...there are videos of every single dance I teach on the "Instructional Videos" page of this site.

We have MANY, MANY dances that we've learned over the two years plus, so I can't do them all each Monday night.  I encourage dancers to email me prior to Monday night and let me know what dances they want to do on any given night. I try to rotate the favorites around...and if you let me know if there is one you want to be sure to do, email me and I'll make sure it gets on my playlist.   

Often I will do a "one wall walk through" of some dances.  These are not designed to really teach the dance...but to kind of jump start dancers brains on which dance it is.  (It is VERY normal to not remember from week to week!!)

Most all the dances we do have Instructional Videos on the "Instructional Video" page and so if you have a good internet connection, you can view teaches of them online. can order a DVD of the ones you really wanna learn. 

It is my hope that I can provide creative ways for dancers to learn the dances they want to learn!!  But, the motivation to hang in there and the showin' up to class have to come from you. :)

When in doubt, DANCE!!!

Did you know.....
any kind of choreographed dancing (line, ballroom etc) is FANTASTIC exercise for the MIND!!!  Continuing to use our minds to learn and remember dances
 pays off dividends like crazy as we age!!!