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The video links on this page do not represent an attempt on my part to present a professional teaching video.  These videos are designed to casually recreate the teaches I do in my classes so my dancers can review/practice at home. Key word....casually!  :)

In my classes, I often don't have time to really break the steps down slowly.  These videos will help the beginner recognize the names of the basic steps in line dance (not an exhaustive list...) and to learn the basic footwork to make learning on the dance floor quicker and easier.

CLICK HERE for the

CLICK HERE for a list of links to Instructional Videos to the CORE BEGINNER DANCES I do all the time in my classes.  These dances are the foundation for new dancers who come to my classes/events.​  If you are working on any of these prior to a dance event, let  me know so I can make sure it gets played!

Below is a list of all the dance videos I've done over the years!! I hope to have them organized soon!

3 Rounds - Imp
8 Second Ride - intermediate
24 Reasons -  Improver
38 Step (updated teach and demo :)  
50 Ways (Intermediate) 
AB Take It From Me -  Beginner
AB Gotta Stay Hungry -  Beginner
ABeiber -   Beginner
A Double Whiskey -  Imp/Int
A Drink In My Hand
Adventure 45 - Intermediate
After Party Teach and Demo ​
Ah Si Teach and Demo 
All Hearts (mini) -  Beginner
A Little Night Club -  Beginner
Ain't Misbehavin'  -  Intermediate
Ain't Too Cool -  Improver
Ala Freakin Bama Teach and Demo ​
A Little Sweet - beginner
Alkeehawl ​
American Kids - Beginner
Askin Questions Teach
Askin Questions Demo
Aw Naw Intermediate
Back In The Day Teach and Demo 
Back On Texas Time -  Improver
Backwards - Intermediate
Bad Girl That Girl - Intermediate
Bang Bang EZ - beginner
Black Horse in a Cherry TreeDemo  
Blue Night Cha  
Blood, Sweat and Beer
Blow Me A Kiss (aka Booty Voodoo) 
Blue Lights Chasing -  
Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp 2014 
Bop It  - High Beginner 
Boot Scootin Boogie
Boots Over Head -  Beginner
Booze Cruize - Low Intermediate
Boys 'Round Here
Break On Me   -   Improver
Broken Stones 
Bug In My Margarita
Bullfrog on a Log -  Beginner
Cabo San Lucas 
Cadillacs and Caviar 
Calliente  Teach
Caliente Demo
Canadian Stomp  
Can't Walk Away  -   Intermediate
Casanova Cowboy Teach
Casanova Cowboy Demo 
Can't Blame It On The Booze -    Improver
Caught In The Act Teach and Demo
Chicken Truck (Beginner Plus)
Chill Factor Teach   
Chill Factor Fast Demo 
Chill Factor Slow Demo 
Codigo  -    High Improver/Low Intermediate
Come Dance With Me
Confidence   -     Intermediate
Cooler Than Me 
Copperhead Road 
Country As Can Be
Country Bump -  Beginner
Countryholic -   NEW Beginner
County Line Cha Cha  
Country Boy Lovin' -  Beginner
Country Walkin  
Country Wizard -  Beginner
Country Girl Shake
Cowboy Charleston
Cowboy Rhythm  
Crash and Burn -  Beginner
Crazy Foot Mambo 
Cricket on a Line  
Crystal Touch -  Low Intermed 
Damn!  -   High Beginner
Dancin' Feet
Dance With Me  -  Imp/Int
Desperate -  Beginner
Diamonds and Babies -  Beginner
Dirt Road
Done -  Low Intermediate
Donkey Tonky (beginner)​
Double D -  Improver
Drink In My Hand  
Drinkin Bone Boogie
Drunk On A Plane - Improver
Electric Slide 
Elvira Cha Cha 
Eye Candy
F-Five (Tornado) Teach and Demo
Fireball - Beginner
Flyin 8's  
Four On The Floor (Intermediate) 
GasLiar -  Improver
GasLiar (with dance along option)
Get Down Get Funky
Get In Line       beginner
Get It Right -  Intermediate
Gettin' Hitched Twist - Ultra Beg
Get Ya Some -  High Improver
Giddy Up - High Beginner
Girl Crush
Girl's Night Out -  Intermediate
Gin and Tonic -   Beginner
Goin' Hamm - Improver 
Good Time  
Gravedigger Teach and Demo
Gun Control (Improver/Intermed)
Hands Up and Party
Hard Working People (Beginner)
Heartache on the Dance Floor -  High Improver
Hey Bartender - Intermediate
High Dollar Ticket -  Improver
High On A Country Song  -   Improver
Hole In A Bottle -  High Beginner
Holler Back -  High Improver
Homegrown -  Improver
Honey, i'm Good - improver
Honey Pie Teach and Demo (50 Ways Option)
Honky Tonk Boots
Honky Tonk Race  -  Improver
Hootenanny (aka Farm Party) Teach and Demo
I Love A Rainy Night -  Beginner
I Need A Drink -    low Intermediate
I'm Free -  Beginner
I'm No Good Teach
I'm No Good Demo
I Need A Man Teach and Demo ​
Intoxicating -   Beginner
Irish Stew
It's The Weekend Teach Only
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance - Beginner
Jose Cuervo
Key Lime Pie
Kick A Little Dirt
Kick The Dust Up  - Intermediate
Kill The Spiders Teach and Demo
Kissed A Cowboy -  Beginner
Knockin Boots (Ries) - Beginner
K Step Boogie
Last Night In Texas - Intermediate
​Left Me Waltzing -  Improver
Let it Ride - Beginner Plus
LIT   -    Intermediate
Little Honky Tonk Bar -  Improver
Little Red Book - Beginner
Little Wiggle (aka Trouble Maker)-  Beginner
Live While You're Alive (All Night Anthem) Beginner
Livin' The Dream -    Beginner
Load It Up (beginner) 
MCBA (beginner)  
Make You Mine -  High Improver
Mamma Maria
Mama's Broken Heart (aka Mr Pinstripe)
Memphis         Intermediate
Mexicoma  ​High Beginner/Improver
Mix It With Rum - 16ct Beginner
Mr Lonely - G. Smith -  Beginner
Mr Pinstripe Teach and Demo
Mud Stompin' Teach 
Mud Stompin Demo
My Baby in Camouflage
My Money  -   Improver
My One And Only -  True Beginner 
My Baby In Camouflage (DWP at The Barn in Sanford)
Na Na Na Cha EZ -  Improver
Need To Be Naughty - Low Intermediate
Night Shift -  Improver
No Other Rider - High Beg/Impr
Nothin' But Dust (Intermediate) 
Nothing But You -  Intermediate
No Vacancy Teach and Demo -  Intermediate
No Vacancy Full Demo
Obsessed  -   Intermediate 
Oh Mama Hey  -  Intermediate
One Man's Treasure -  Beginner
Oops -  Beginner
Out LIke That -  Intermediate
Perfectly Confused -  Low Intermediate
Pour Decisions  -  Improver
Power Jam
Priscilla -  Beginner
Raise 'Em Up - Improver
Real Women Drink Beer -  Beginner
Ready To Roll -  Absolute Beginner
Redneck Angel Teach and Demo
Red Solo Cup  
Ride Em Cowboy
Ring Of Fire - Improver
River Bank - Improver
Rockin' (to Some Beach)
Rock Me Teach and Demo (to Wagon Wheel)
Rolling In The Deep (Soul Version) 
Rolling Rhythm -  Improver
Saddle Up -  ultra beginner
Scrap It Teach and Dem
Shakin' That Sugar -   Beginner
Shake It - Beginner
Shape of You  -    Intermediate
Shelby Juice -  Intermediate
She's So Hott!! - Improver
Shotgun Jenny Teach and Demo
Shuttin' It Down -  Phrased Improver
Sick of Me Teach and Demo
Simple -  Improver
Simplemente  -  Low Intermediate
Sittin' Pretty - Beginner
Skate Dance aka You And Me in the Country - beginner
Skinny Dippin  - Improver
Sleazy Slide  
Small Town Rock Stars Demo and Teach
Smoke - HIgh Beginner
So Just Dance Dance Dance -  Novice
Some Town Somewhere -   Improver
Something In The Water 
Somewhere With You
Soul Slide  -  Beginner
Southbound -   Improver
Squeeze Me In 
Stealing The Best
Stray Cat Strut -   Absolute Beginner
Stretch Your Legs -   Intermediate
Sugar Baby - High Beginner  
Sugar Honey I. T.      -   Intermediate
Suicide Blonde Demo 
Suicide Blond Teach
Summer Celebration -  Beginner
Sun Daze - Beginner  
Swamp Thang  
Sweet, but Mentally Insane - Intermediate
Sweet Revenge Teach and Demo
Take U Home
Texas Tornado
The Countdown -  Improver
The Fighter -   Low Intermediate
Things -  High Beginner
Timber (Improver/Low Intermediate)
Toes Teach Only  
Toes Demo Only  
Trespassing (Int/Adv) Vanilla Version
Trespassing (Int/Adv) Funked Up Version
Trouble Maker (aka Little Wiggle) - Beginner
T-Shirt Boogie   -   beginner
Turbo Twang 
Turn The Beat Up  -   Beginner
Tush Push Teach  
Un Dos Tres  
Until The Dawn -  High Beginner
Uptown Funky - beg  
VHS (Very Hot Summer) -  Improver
Walk The Line  
Watermelon Crawl (after Tush Push)
 We Are Tonight - Intermediate 
We Went  -   Beg/Improver
What Makes You Country -  Beginner
When I'm Dancing -  Improver
When Teach
When Demo 
Whiskey Bridges -  Improver
Whiskey Girl 
White Knuckles -  Improver
Who's Up All Night -  Intermediate
Wild & Fire -  Beginner
Wishful Thinking  
Wonderland Waltz 
Yeah Aw Naw Teach and Demo (Intermediate)
You Be The Pretty -   Beginner
You Broke Up With Me  -  High Improver
You And Me In The Country aka Skate Dance beginner
You Got That Thang Demo and Teach (Imp/Low Int)
Zjozzy's Funk Teach
Zjozzy's Funk Demo  

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Welcome to Line Dancing in the era
of Covid 19.  Here are the tools I'm providing to try to help us all keep dancing!  Stay safe and keep moving!

Here are the links to the dances I'll be teaching in our first FB LIVE session: 
July 30-Aug 20

Lesson #1
Crystal Touch -  Bell/Glover
Demo/Instruction Video
Demo/Instruction/Dance Along Video

Lesson #2
Country Boy Lovin' -  Glover
Demo/Instruction Video
Demo/Instruction/Dance Along Video

Lesson #3
Done - D. Bailey
Demo/Instruction Video
Demo/Instruction/Dance Along Video

"Companion Videos"
These are for people not on FB or for anyone who wants to be able to dance our open dances for the whole song.

July 30
These videos include lessons

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3

August 6
These videos don't include lessons

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

August 13

Part 1     Part 2      Part 3

Here are my stand alone, dance along
videos that I did at the beginning of the Pandemic. 

Beginners - Volume 1
Dances: Cowboy Charleston, Itsy Bitsy, Mama Maria, Gettin' Hitched Twist
Beginners - Volume 2
Dances:  Ready To Roll, Oops, Hands Up and Party, Eye Candy, Broken Stones
Beginners - Volume 3  
Dances: Country As Can Be,  A Little Sweet, Skate Dance, Love Ain't, I Want Crazy

Improvers - Volume 1
​Dances:  I'm Free, Damn!. Knockin' Boots, The Countdown, Southbound
Improvers - Volume 2
Dances:  NaNaNa Cha EZ, Whiskey Girl, Come Dance With Me, Break On Me, Goin' Hamm

Improvers - Volume 3
Dances:  Things, Back on Texas Time, Little Honky Tonk Bar, Codigo, My Money

Combo Video - Volume 1
Beginner Focused
Complete Lessons and Dance Along
Dances:  I Love A Rainy Night, Kissed A Cowboy, Wild & Fire

2021 VIDEOS!!
New Year, New List

What Happens Next - Wetzel -  Beg/Imp
(includes demo/teach/dance along)
What Happens Next - Wetzel  - Beg/Imp
(demo/teach only)